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Suffering from addiction is an oppressive weight that simply will not go away without drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Addiction is a disease that produces multi-type dependencies. Fueled by compulsion, this disease takes a toll on a sufferer's mental and physical health. In Massachusetts, many sufferers are facing addictions to heroin, alcohol, prescription drugs, and other dangerously addictive substances that tear apart families, ruin relationships, wreck careers, and ultimately destroy health. With high-quality addiction treatment in Fall River, MA, these sufferers can learn to manage their disease to achieve sobriety and long-term recovery.

What Is Substance Addiction?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, substance addiction is a chronic brain disease that frequently involves relapse and compulsive drug or alcohol-seeking behaviors. People who are addicted to alcohol or drugs often continue to abuse them without reference to harmful consequences to their lives and health. The medical community regards substance addiction as a brain disease because it changes the brain's structure and how it works. Even so, this disease also involves a physical dependency that requires addiction treatment in Fall River. Suffering from withdrawal symptoms is indicative of a substance addiction.

How Does Addiction Affect the Mind?

Substance addiction triggers chemical changes in the brain. Often, addictive substances affect the reward centers of the brain where they literally burn out brain cells by over-stimulating them. Addictive substances overtax the brains neurons, which are chemical messengers. These interruptions lead to a changed brain chemistry that can result in a worsening addiction as well as the onset of a mental or mood disorder. Drug and alcohol rehab addiction specialists understand just how these substances affect the brain and offer treatments designed to help sufferers manage their condition. Sufferers who have incurred a mental disorder will also be treated with medications and therapy.

Sometimes the changes that addictive substances produce in the brain are temporary. For instance, during a heroin high, the drug can affect the respiratory system to affect the person's breathing. Too much of the drug can actually lead to the suppression of the respiratory system to result in overdose. In some instances, drug addiction in Fall River, or anywhere else, can cause permanent mental illness. Some sufferers may not recover from psychosis, for example. Some may develop a permanent mental or mood condition like manic depression or anxiety.

How Do Programs for Addiction Treatment Work?

Addiction Treatment in Fall River takes multiple approaches to help people suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs. Drug and alcohol treatment centers employ medical caregivers, therapists, and various addiction specialists to deliver drug and alcohol treatment programs that address the psychological, behavioral, and physical aspects of addiction. Treatments like drug detox in Fall River address the physical aspect of addiction. Some sufferers may be prescribed medications that help reduce drug cravings.

Addiction Treatment in Fall River features treatments that address psychological and behavioral aspects of substance addiction. Programs for addiction treatment typically include cognitive behavioral therapy that includes individual and group counseling. Counseling sessions help sufferers unravel all the reasons why they have abused alcohol or drugs. These sessions can help them understand what triggers them to use addictive substances and how they can manage those triggers without succumbing to relapse. Many addiction sufferers may drink or use drugs in association with negative emotions like anger or fear, so counseling offers them help for coping with volatile emotions that often do trigger relapse among addiction sufferers.

Why Enter Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers?

Addiction Treatment in Fall River is the ideal place for addiction sufferers in Massachusetts to get the help they need to manage their condition. Drug and alcohol treatment programs have helped thousands throughout the state overcome their addictions to live sober, fulfilling lives. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment often include alternative programs for addiction sufferers who want to complement their traditional treatment with therapies like restorative yoga or art therapy. These combinations of treatments can inspire mindfulness and pave the way to long-term recovery. People who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs must come to terms with their disease state. Too often, addiction sufferers believe they have control over their drinking or drug use, but when their use has led to addiction, they have, in fact, lost control over this serious problem.

Alcohol and drug rehab is the best place to begin a recovery journey. Addiction treatment in Fall River can lead to a more healthful and happy existence that is unfettered by drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction is not likely to get better without drug and alcohol treatment programs. With treatment, sufferers can safeguard their health and learn essential strategies for keeping relapse at bay. Call Fall River Drug Rehab Centers now at (508) 433-6337.

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