Dual Diagnosis in Fall River, MA

According to medical research, as many of one people who suffer from substance addiction also have an accompanying mental illness or mood disorder. When these conditions occur simultaneously, the individual is said to have a dual diagnosis or coexisting disorders. A dual diagnosis treatment center is the ideal place to undergo treatment for these conditions. On their own, either of these conditions can be extremely difficult to manage, but together they can be debilitating. Treatment for dual diagnosis in Fall River, MA, offers sufferers the professional help they need to manage these conditions.

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis occurs when a sufferer is diagnosed with both a mental illness and an addiction. Either condition may occur first and, in some cases, may precipitate the other. These two conditions are distinct, but they do affect each other. Treating one and not the other is not associated with the types of successful treatment outcomes that are available with simultaneous treatments for dual diagnosis in Fall River. A dual diagnosis treatment center features medical caregivers who can provide professional medical addiction treatment in Fall River for sufferers. Getting treatment at a dual diagnosis treatment facility can help sufferers manage both conditions and achieve long-term recovery.

The Connection between Mental Illness and Addiction

Very often substance addiction and mental illness go hand in hand. It's common for today's addiction treatment centers to treat dual diagnosis sufferers. It frequently happens that addiction precedes a mental condition and actually even causes it. When an individual abuses drugs or alcohol, the chemical structure of the brain is changed. Sometimes these changes lead to a mental or mood disorder like depression or anxiety. These changes may be temporary or permanent and caused by an acute abuse episode or may result because of chronic use of alcohol or drugs.

Conversely, sometimes it's the mental disorder that is first present in the individual. Depression and anxiety are not rare conditions. A person may suffer from these mental health conditions and not understand that they need to be treated by a medical provider. Too often, the sufferer chooses to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol because these substances appear to alleviate the symptoms of their mental disorder. In time, they find that they've developed a tolerance to these substances and so will increase the amount they take to once again obtain relief. Once this pattern of dose increase is developed, addiction can set in. When concurrent disorders set in, dual diagnosis for addiction is required.

Mental and Mood Disorders

Dual diagnosis rehab centers treat sufferers with all types of mental conditions and mood disorders. Even so, these centers often see that some types of substance addictions and mental illnesses go hand in hand. For instance, many people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder also have an addiction to prescription drugs. People with alcoholism frequently present to their dual diagnosis treatment facility with depression. Sufferers can get evaluated for dual diagnosis in Fall River at a dual diagnosis treatment center. Although many rehabs provide dual diagnosis treatment, it may be best to seek out dual diagnosis treatment programs that specialize in the treatment of co-existing disorders.

Treating Dual Diagnosis in Fall River, MA

The key to optimum management of dual diagnosis is simultaneous treatment. Addiction sufferers who present with depression, anxiety, or another type of mood disorder will require treatment that addresses each aspect of their conditions. Treatment for dual diagnosis in Fall River involves treatment for the mental illness, often in the form of medications, counseling, and drug detox in Fall River.

A dual diagnosis treatment facility is staffed by therapists, healthcare providers, and addiction specialists. Dual diagnosis for addiction usually requires on-going therapy if the mental illness is of a permanent nature. Dual diagnosis rehab features treatment regimens that are customized to each individual's healthcare needs. Dual diagnosis addiction treatment typically involves a combination of medications and other therapies that help the sufferer manage their concurrent disorders.

Dual diagnosis sufferers cannot manage their conditions on their own. Both of these illnesses require medical treatment at a center for dual diagnosis in Fall River. When it comes to dual diagnosis for addiction, sufferers cannot expect to see an improvement without treatment as both disorders are chronic and frequently progressive.

Upon entry to a dual diagnosis treatment facility, sufferers will be evaluated so that addiction sufferers can recommend the best course of treatment of each individual. Whether suffering from OCD and Xanax addiction or alcoholism and prescription drug addiction, sufferers can get the help they need to manage their conditions and prevent relapse. With effective disease management, sufferers can expect to lead sober and healthful lives free from the negative effects of drugs or alcohol and the symptoms of mental illness. Call Fall River Drug Rehab Centers now at (508) 433-6337.

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